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Pet Food Alert

There has been a recall on some pet foods over a concern of kidney failure in some animals and a *possible* link to said pet foods.

Cat Food: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_cat.html

Dog Food: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html

Paging Daffyd

Hi there.

I've sent several emails earlier this week using the public address you gave me, but I don't seem to be getting through.... call me dude. :-)

Sewing Machine woes

I busted my sewing machine. I mean, really busted it. :-( It's on a little wheeled table so I can take it in and out of the living room when I need to. I was returning it to its resting place when the wheels caught on on the carpet and the table tipped slightly... but enough for the machine to slide off and crash to the ground. The bobbin winder arm is bent and the take up lever snapped off. Took it to Sawyer's, and they told me today they couldn't get the part. My machine is a 50 - 60 year old Pfaff, and they don't deal in used parts (I asked).

I phoned another store, and they gave me the name and number of their technician. He says he thinks he can find the part (used obviously) and laughed when I told him what Sawyer's said. So I'm hopeful that this guy can fix my machine! Not only do I not want to buy another one, I actually really like my machine!!! I hope there's nothing else seriously wrong with it. ARGGGG!!!

Forcing her to post her first time!

We now have the great evil Seneschal (tm) online with LJ. Today I (James, anti-christ, yadda yadda yadda) uploaded her first icon. Wheee. She is now special like the rest of us. Move over on the short bus, Bill.

James is a poohead. Lenora

(James: Shouldn't poo-head be hyphenated?)


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